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We have a online store with lots of merchandise for you to check out! Please go to here to view!! And don't forget to buy something too! All profits go to help support IIDOBA in their efforts to improve and educate the public regarding the american indian dogs.

The American Indian Dog Registry thanks Alpine Publications for their participation in the promotion & education of our Registry & Indian Dogs. Thanks to Alpine Publications, our Registry can now offer 3 beautifully illustrated hard bound books, at a considerable discount to owners, members & the general public. Schools, Museums, and Educational programs are invited to buy at volume discounts, or for Native American benefits. It is recommended you get all 3 of these books for a well rounded overview of three different author's opinions and research.
We offer all three of these books as a package, for $33.00 including shipping. Proceeds go to the further education & research of the A.I.Dog registry. Thank you.
Contact our Treasurer for further information.


"Dogs of The American Indians" by William Pferd ; (c) 1987. 
In my opinion, this is the best educational, most complete, and truly factual account of The Indian Dogs before the European onslaught yet written. This book helps to dispel most of the old myths about Native culture & the Dogs, proving the 1000's of years of deliberate, selective breeding practices it took to create 19 actual working functional "breeds" (maybe not to European standards at the time), so important to all the Native American cultures.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I feel very honored to have known Bill Pferd for what was, unfortunately, too short of a time before he passed on. We had planned a 2nd edition to this book together, combining both of our extensive research. As he was very excited to know that some of the Dogs he spent so much time researching where still here. What struck me most about this animal loving researcher, was his drive towards finding true facts, dispelling old myths & false information on Native American culture & their natural ability to selectively breed Dogs as well, perhaps in a different way, even better, than the European & Oriental cultures. All this without any personal agendas or prejudice on his part. I wish Bill Pferd was still here with us to enjoy our beloved Dogs, but he goes on in spirit within his book & The Dogs. 
(Revue by Kim La Flamme, founder/trustee, A.I.Dogs). 

"Dogs On The Frontier" by John E. Baur : (c) 1978 - This is a "must read" for both researchers of Indian Dogs & Dog lovers in general. The first chapter, all thirty two pages
about Indian Dogs B.E. (before Europeans), was very thoroughly researched. The remainder of the book is A.E. (after Europeans) & how the dogs changed, but still good reading on Frontier Dog adventures. 
(Revue by Kim La Flamme, founder/trustee, A.I.Dogs)

"Dogs Through History" by Maxwell Riddle (c) 1987 
A very well written and researched book, mainly on the European Dogs & their origins. He has to me proven that the North American Indian Dogs where not simply a domesticated wolf or Dog wolf combination. As the wolf has sweat glands that can freeze up during long sled trips, plus they are not able to tie up for extended periods of time, etc. This author hasn't done some of the extensive research on Native culture or The Plains, Common & Southern type of Indian Dogs, as the two other Authors have. Lots of very interesting theories on the first domestication of the dog, in most areas of the world. 
(Revue, by Kim La Flamme, founder/trustee, A.I.Dogs)

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We are now about to take our leave and kind farewell to our native land, the country the Great Spirit gave our Fathers, we are on the eve of leaving that country that gave us birth, it is with sorrow we are forced by the white man to quit the scenes of our childhood...we bid farewell to it and all we hold dear."
Charles Hicks, Tsalagi (Cherokee) Vice Chief of The Trail of Tears, Nov. 4, 1838