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IIDOBA Code of Ethics

1. It is extremely important that we remember and NEVER lose sight of the fact that we, as the International Indian Dog Owners and Breeders Association, are committed to the preservation, and future benefit of the breed. And are NOT or NEVER shall be a formal political Association or club run on typical AKC type management principals.

2. Although we DO NOT seek AKC recognition, owners are allowed and encouraged to participate in Obedience Trials, Matches, Fly ball Competition, Frisbee Throws, Agility Competition, and other activities, such as (non-aggressive) Service work, and search and rescue. Owners/Members are also encouraged to take part in educational exhibitions to promote knowledge of the breed and the Association.

3. MEMBERSHIP: Membership in the IIDOBA for active participation requires the payment of $ 25.00 annual dues payable by the first of January of each year. Dues for membership beginning as of January 1st, 2002 shall be $25.00 payable to the IDOBA Treasurer. Associate memberships (non-owners/IIDOBA Supporter) in the IIDOBA are $20.00 annually. Dues are payable January 1st of every year.

4. Any new or prospective IIDOBA member MUST be vouched for by an existing IIDOBA member, and must be interviewed by the President/Founder Trustee, or at his discretion, at least one Tribunal Council Lodge member, and one Council Lodge member.

5. The Founder Trustee/President, reserves the right to refuse membership to ANYONE deemed unsuitable as a member, and also reserves the right to cancel individual membership's of anyone in the IIDOBA who is found to be unethical, and/or guilty of violation of IIDOBA rules of conduct.

6. ALL perspective owners MUST be interviewed and accepted by the Founder-Trustee/President, and at least 1 Tribunal Council Lodge member.

7. The Founder/President of the IIDOBA CANNOT be voted out by officers (Tribunal Council) or Council Lodge members or by regular members of the IIDOBA. In the event that the Founder/President is unable to maintain his leadership position, the current President of the IIDOBA shall appoint by his choice, a person to serve as President of the IIDOBA. In the event of the death of the President, a new President shall be named by his last will and testament.

8. The IIDOBA Tribunal Council Lodge will consist of individuals appointed by the Founder-Trustee/President. These individuals will make up the Officers of the IIDOBA, to consist of the Founder-Trustee/President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, A.I.D. Registrar, and by special appointment, the Wolf-Dog Educational Advisor. The IIDOBA Tribunal Council Lodge will maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with American Indian Dog Registry, and Registrar. The Officers will assist the A.I.D. Registry in any area deemed important by the Founder-Trustee/President. Owner-pup registration, Ownership tracking, Registry news and updates, new research and developments, and Pedigree-Studbook maintenance, and spay-neuter agreements will be the responsibility of the A.I.D. Registrar, with assistance provided by the IIDOBA Council Lodge officers when requested by the A.I.D. Registry, or by the Founder-Trustee/President. Spray-Neuter agreements will be fulfilled and required registration fee’s paid to the Registry, before registration of pups will be allowed. The Wolf-Dog educational Advisor shall be responsible for coordinating educational resources and information regarding the differences between the American Indian Dog, and Wolf-Dog and Coyote/Dog crosses sometimes referred to as Hybrids. The Wolf-Dog Educational Advisor will assist in dispelling the confusion created by Wolf/Dog-Coyote/Dog breeders who continue to misrepresent their cross bred animals as true American Indian Dogs.

9. The IIDOBA will be represented by regional Council Lodge Members throughout the United States, Europe, and South America. These Representatives shall be appointed by the Founder-Trustee/President. Geographic regions are determined by the Founder-Trustee/President. The Regional Representatives will be responsible for arranging regional gatherings, seminars, promotions, etc… These individuals shall act as liaisons between the IIDOBA officers, general public, and other members in their regions. Regional Representatives will seek to establish various event contacts by which to introduce the American Indian Dog to the public in a supervised, and controlled manner. In certain circumstances Regional Representatives may overlap regions with other representatives in order to conduct IIDOBA business. As a courtesy, Representatives will contact the other Regional Representative if you expect to conduct IIDOBA activities in that Representative’s region. IIDOBA Representatives shall work to further the awareness, and knowledge of the public, potential owners, and others who have a sincere interest in the American Indian Dog, by maintaining contact with owners, breeders, and potential owners within their regions. Promotional and educational materials will be furnished by the IIDOBA for use by Regional Representatives. To help defray production costs, Representatives will be asked to pay a minimal fee for brochures, and other IIDOBA materials. The purchase price of these materials will be considered a donation to the IIDOBA. Representatives are to assure that only approved IIDOBA promotional/educational materials are made available to the public when discussing or displaying American Indian Dogs, or the IIDOBA. Council Lodge members are also encouraged to submit stories, pictures, and other relative information about their experiences, with the American Indian Dogs, for publication in the quarterly newsletter.

10. The Founder/President shall always retain total authority over the registry and will issue ALL final votes on any changes brought before the Tribunal Council or recommended by the Council Lodge or any member of the IIDOBA. All suggestions are welcomed, and will be considered.

11. To insure that the breed does not veer away from the correct breed standard, the IIDOBA will maintain control over the American Indian Dog breed. To assure that all positive traits are brought together to eliminate any detrimental health problems or negative traits. Also to insure that the breed continues in it's current direction. We wish to save, control, and perpetuate the breed, and encourage a sense of pride for all Native Americans for many generations to come. Through education, we can teach others not to allow the American Indian dog to become just another genetic disaster, as so many other breeds with formal recognition have. Becoming too popular means genetic destruction for any breed, and this is largely due to a lack of education and strict control.

12. ANYONE wanting to breed an American Indian Dog, MUST first become certified by the American Indian Dog Registry (including private contract breeders) & agree in writing to follow all rules and regulations pertaining to our certification program. (Contact Registry for certification program arrangements). ALL breeders will register each litter; new owners will register each pup, with pending registration papers sent to them by the registry. At least one pup from each litter will be sent back to the registry for evaluation upon request by the Founder - Trustee. This will assure that the gene pool remains intact from this registry.

13. The American Indian Dog Registry is the only existing registry for the American Indian Dog, and in conjunction with the IIDOBA are the ONLY existing governing bodies of this breed.

14. ALL certified breeders shall be required to use the approved sales agreement supplied by the registry.

15. No breeder or owner shall knowingly sell or give ANY American Indian Dog to furriers, wholesalers, retailers, puppy mills, dog fighters, hunting clubs, or buyers where there is any reason to suspect that they will not receive proper care or may be used in a way detrimental to the breed.


16. The appointed IIDOBA Treasurer shall open and maintain a business type bank account in accordance with the consent of the President/Founder. They will be responsible to the Founder/Trustee, for any and all funds received, or expended. The Treasurer shall agree to provide current balance statements, and other materials upon request of the Founder/President. The account signature card shall contain the signatures of both the Treasurer and President/Founder of the IIDOBA as authorized check signers.

17. The Vice-President will be responsible for implementing the operational directives of the President/Founder Trustee. And at the request of the President/Founder Trustee, he shall act as a liaison between the other Officers, Council Lodge Members, Regional Representatives, and General Membership. The Vice President shall also assist the President/Founder Trustee in enforcing the code of Ethics, and Rules and Regulations of the IIDOBA. In the absence of the President/Founder Trustee, The Vice President will preside over the monthly meetings of the IIDOBA Officers.

18. The appointed IIDOBA Secretary will be responsible for maintaining the records associated with the organization and will document all additions or changes to the Regulations and Code of Ethics and other pertinent association documents. The Secretary will handle incoming correspondence and will be responsible for the mailing of brochures and information to interested individuals. The secretary will also be responsible for maintaining contact with the association's membership and will keep the membership abreast of changes or new information pertinent to the breed or the association. The Secretary will also be responsible for the production and mailing of a quarterly newsletter to the membership of the association.

19. Monthly meetings of the IIDOBA will be held on the last Monday of every month at 7.30 P.M. PST. Meetings will be conducted by the following means, telephone conferencing, computer messaging, and/or at designated times and places agreed upon by the President/Founder Trustee, and other Officers of the IIDOBA.

20. Owner membership in the IIDOBA will be required for a period of at least 1 year upon initial purchase of all American Indian Dogs after January 1st 2002. (See attached membership rules for membership fee’s). This is to assure that new owners are properly educated about the history and ancestry of the breed. Also to further guarantee that new owners have the opportunity to receive proper guidance and practice responsible ownership of their American Indian Dog.


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From a poster created by the Animal Society

We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals. Remote from universal nature, and living by complicated artifice, man in civilization surveys the creature through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein we err, and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth.