Welcome to International Indian Dog Owners and Breeders Association!


Welcome to the International
Indian Dog Owners and Breeders
Association Website!!

The American Indian Dog can be considered a part of America's history and our organization (IIDOBA) is dedicated to preserving this breed and providing education and information about the breed to the public. We hope that you will enjoy the collection of photos, history and information to be found here and we welcome your comments and will be happy to assist you with further information or just talk with you about our wonderful breed of dogs!


The International Indian Dog Owners And Breeders Association was founded and operated on the following principals of PRESERVATION for this rare and unique breed of domestic dog: To promote their Native American CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE and to stress the EDUCATIONAL and SCIENTIFIC VALUE of the American Indian Dog to the general public, and potential owners. Our operational objectives are to utilize the combined efforts of member Owners and Breeders and to insure that the present and future populations of the American Indian Dog are strictly protected and the needs of the American Indian Dog Registry are provided for thru various non-profit fund raising activities. Furthermore, it is the intent of the IIDOBA to also maintain absolute authority over breeding rights, genetic purity, sales, and promote responsible ownership principals for the American Indian Dog and to insure that the ancient history of these animals is not forgotten or devalued by modern society or by so-called modern breeding standards.

The “American Indian Dog Registry” is proud to announce that “The American Indian Dog “ is recognized by IPDBA . ( International Progressive Dog Breeders Alliance). We have finally found a registry that allows the individual breed clubs to maintain control of their breed. This registry does not insist that a breed eventually must become AKC miscellaneous . The IPDBA registry is a progressive registry that recognizes our breed and will allow us to show our dogs and compete for championship points in all their shows. We can also show them in agility.

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